Biological Dentistry

Do You Know the Benefits of Oral Probiotics?

At Mountain Wellness Dentistry, we are pleased to take a holistic approach to providing your dental treatments. Your treatment plan is designed to be biocompatible, working with your body to promote better oral and overall health. Are you aware of the benefits of oral probiotics? Oral probiotics, also known as probiotics for oral health, can offer several benefits. Here are... read more »

Learn How Oil Pulling Can Benefit Your Smile!

Oil pulling is a traditional medicine practice which originated in ancient India - dating as far back as 3,000-5,000 years ago. It was believed that oil pulling not only aided the oral cavity but was a way to align the “dosha” or the three energies that define one’s mental, physical, and  emotional well being. Any misalignment in the “dosha” due... read more »

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